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Cold War

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Cold War East Anglia - The Frontline
The concept for the making of 'Cold War East Anglia - The Frontline' was borne from the massive interest in Wattisham - Both Sides of the Fence. RAF Wattisham was a critical Cold War RAF Station;  its jets on Quick Reaction Alert deflecting Russian military aircraft who were testing our air defences, and also protecting other Cold War sites in the region.

East Anglia hosted the full spectrum of Cold War sites, many of the sites were linked in some way to each other; the very launch pad for both UK and America's first response in the event of a pre-emptive strike by the Soviet Union.

Researching, filming and interviewing veterans and civilian workers from the Cold War era is already revealing the chilling fact that East Anglia and indeed the UK as a whole came so very, very close to nuclear conflict. Had this been the case, East Anglia would have found itself the target of a Soviet strike. How would this have impacted the people of the region had the Cold War turned hot?

Watch this space!
Take a look at this Taster of what is to come!
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