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Lightning XP743 - Wattisham Station Heritage Airfield Museum

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Lightning XP743

Our Aircraft
Our Restored English Electric Lightning XP743

   General Specifications
   Crew: 1
   Length: 55 ft 3 in (16.8 m)
   Wingspan: 34 ft 10 in (10.6 m)
   Height: 19 ft 7 in (5.97 m)
   Wing area: 474.5 ft²[73] (44.08 m²)
   Empty weight: 31,068 lb (14,092 kg)
   Max. takeoff weight: 45,750 lb (20,752 kg)
   Powerplant: 2 × Rolls-Royce Avon 301R afterburning turbojets
   Dry thrust: 12,530 lbf[6] (55.74 kN) each
   Thrust with afterburner: 16,000 lbf[6] (71.17 kN) each

   Maximum speed: Mach 2.0 (1,300 mph, 2,100 km/h) at 36,000 ft.
   Range: 850 miles (1,370 km) Supersonic intercept radius: 155 miles (250 km)
   Ferry range: 920 miles (1,660 km) 1,270 miles (2,040 km) with ferry tanks
   Service ceiling: 54,000 ft[18] (16,000 m) Max ceiling >70,000 ft
   Rate of climb: 20,000 ft/min (100 m/s)
   Wing loading: 76 lb/ft² (370 kg/m²)
   Thrust/weight: 0.78

   Guns: 2× 30 mm (1.18 in) ADEN cannon
   Hardpoints: 2× under-fuselage for mounting air-to-air missiles, 2x overwing pylon    stations for 260 gal ferry tanks
   Missiles: 2 De Havilland Firestreak or 2× Hawker Siddeley Red Top

About English Electric Lightning XP743

English Electric Lightning XP743 first served with 56 Sqn. from 1964 until 1969, then transferred to 29 Sqn., where she served until 1975. After retirement she went into storage initially and then was eventually sold for scrap. The front cockpit section was saved and in 1982 it went to 351 Sqn.ATC at Burton-upon -Trent. In 2009 it was sold to Maggie Aggiss (Chairperson Wattisham Station Heritage) and brought back to Wattisham Airfield. It was then sold in 2012 to Ken Hayward (Member Wattisham Station Heritage) who is currently working to restore it to its original condition.

Pictures of the Restoration
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