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The Javelin - Wattisham Station Heritage Airfield Museum

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The Javelin

Airfield History
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During the 1950’s the standard format of a Fighter Station like Wattisham was two day and one night fighter Squadrons.

Wattisham had its two day fighter squadrons, 111 and 56 Squadrons flying the Hunter. The night fighter position was filled by 41 Squadron flying Javelin MK4’s.The Squadron was formed in 1958 with the amalgamation of 141 and 151 Squadrons. In 1960, 41 Squadron up-graded to the FAW8 version, this being far superior, armed with four sidewinder missiles instead of just cannons.

41 Squadron spanned both the Hunter and the Lightning era at Wattisham and was disbanded in December 1963

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